• Charting your course in the emerging new world

    For organisations, networks, leaders, innovators and YOU

  • Visionary Leader's Journey

    A transformation from the inside --> out


    An essential look at fulflling your life's purpose. A retreat style programme which supports you to step outside the fast motion of your day-to-day activity and the year-to-year movement of your life.


    It gives you space and time to observe yourself, to gain perspective, to look back, to look forward, to illuminate and release limiting patterns, to listen for guidance and craft new dreams, visions and destinations.


    It is an opportunity to see and choose what really matters to you, to connect with your life purpose and re-ignite a path that is guided by your highest truths and potentials. Several hundred people have participated in this life changing journey.


  • LIFT UP!

    empowerment series

    Participate in a series of four development days that are designed to empower you in life and in your leadership. In the company of up to 15 great people we engage with four key topics:

    • let’s be in this together - creating team and community
    • a new world - imagining it, allowing it, creating it, living it
    • being and doing in harmony - balancing your expression of feminine and masculine energy
    • authoring your leadership and life with wisdom



  • Building Common Ground and the Future Café

    Facilitated group dialogues that build common ground,

    co-create new futures and chart an inspiring path

    Workshop Facilitator Training

    Create your own internal resources

    We train in house facilitators to lead Building Common Ground and Future Café workshops. Over 300 professionals from many walks of life have participated in this 5-day hands on training. They in turn have led 100's of workshops with 10,000's of people. Training groups are usually 8 - 12 people. Many In-house facilitator trainings have been delivered in health and social services organisations, particularly in Liverpool, Halton, Stockholm and Malmö. Open trainings are also offered occasionally.


    Find out more about training facilitators for your organisation.

    We Facilitate

    Structured one-day workshops on the theme of your choice

    Productive, highly participatory, enjoyable workshops for any size of gathering.


    We have 25 years experience working in business, health care, social care, local government, with NGO's, community groups, village councils, management teams, partnership boards and in many other ad-hoc settings.


    We have facilitated 100's of workshops, kick-off events, conferences and other types of gathering in many countries. We usually work in English, can "arbeta på svenska" and also have experience working with simultaneous translation.


    Contact us about facilitating your workshop or event

    For Facilitators - Future Café Handbook

    A practical guide to facilitating inspiring workshops.


    Helping people work together to:

    • build common ground
    • create the future and find a hopeful path
    • unleash inspired action

    An easy to use 60-page resource for having fun and productive meetings. Includes a fully annotated step-by-step workshop agenda. Order your copy

  • Create Teams and Community

    Engaging the power of complexity - being and acting as One

    Build a High Performing Team

    A compact development process to initiate and enhance teamwork

    Teamwork happens when a small group of people come together with the intention of creating or changing reality. If they can establish a state of mutual understanding, honourable communication and trust they can ignite a powerful "we-spirit". As they take greater responsibility for their impact, the presence and capability of their teamwork can become exceptional.

    Creating a Community of Leaders

    A programme for large, multi-functional teams

    When a team or group becomes large, teamwork becomes difficult and a wider, more complex community of leaders can be created. Becoming more powerful than a team as they expand the depth, reach and value of the dreams and visions they dare to engage with.

    Current and previous clients

    Essex County Council (Place leadership team), Tetra Pak (product development), Well Child Inc., Uppsala Kommun, Médecins Sans Frontiêrs (International Office in Brussels), Equator Architects (Stockholm), Liverpool City Council (Adult and Children's Services), Walsall MB Council (Executive leadership team), ELFA AB, SONY-Sweden, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL) and more.

  • Wisdom

    One-to-one coaching and counsel, giving you

    a supportive environment to embrace limitations, dream and map inspiring futures and follow elegant pathways


    In person and via video-link.

  • People and Clients

    Our Clients

    For over 25 years, we have offered our services to organisations and individuals in many places. These are some of them:

    Ericsson, Médecins Sans Frontiêrs,, Essex County Council, Hunger Project-Bangladesh, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL), MultiConsult, Tetra Pak, Liverpool City Council & Health Trusts, Halton Borough Council, Knowsley Health & Social Services, Walsall MB Council, Well Child Inc., Equator Architects, Uppsala Kommun, ELFA AB, Marin Public Health, Linköping Kommun, Somerset Council, SONY-Sweden, Rank Xerox, Gothenburg Port, Swedish Government, EU Environment Directorate, Climate Alliance

    Andrew Davies

    Visionary Ventures

    With a deep commitment to empowering visionary leaders and the innovations and new futures they seek to manifest. Since 1990 Andrew has worked as a trainer, developer and coach with thousands of formal and informal leaders, teams and communities of leaders -- in public and private organisations and with community and grassroots initiatives in many countries, particularly the UK, Sweden, Bangladesh, Belgium and the USA.

    Lena Sundblad

    Visionary Ventures

    Lena is a co-founder of Visionary Ventures. She's a mother, a grand-mother, Icelandic horse owner, registered nurse and was a campaigns manager in Sweden and New York for the Hunger Project.


    With 20 years experience, she has trained over 200 workshop facilitators and led countless personal and leadership development processes and large participatory workshops.

  • Call/sms Andrew on +44 747 5054674